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About us

Comprehensive Cleaning is a premier cleaning service, committed to providing only the highest level of premium care.  The most efficient and powerful equipment combined with the strongest and safest cleaning solutions has been designed to present you with the most effective and exclusive cleaning service attainable.

We are a company of master technicians who have developed a true expertise in all services provided.  The years of experience we bring to all our clients will grant you the best cleaning experience.


No corners will be cut; no t will remain uncrossed; no i left undotted.  The collective ingenuity, talents and dedication of our professionals will provide a service guaranteed to be the apex of everything their training and experience will allow.

Comprehensive Cleaning is a company of, and founded by, like-minded professional cleaning technicians who share a simple belief and conviction that is,“WE CAN DO IT BETTER!”!

We will pair the highest quality of service with fair and simple pricing. There are no hidden charges. We do not charge extra for services, which are necessary for providing you with a complete and full clean.


·      There is no charge for the treatment of spots, spills or high traffic areas.

·      We will move most furniture and return it to its proper place free of charge.

·     Free Upholstery Demo.

·     Free Tile & Grout Demo.

·      Free on-site Commercial Estimates

·      Fast and Free over the phone quotes

·      We offer a 10-day Workmanship Guarantee on all services to ensure customer satisfaction.